In all our lives there are times when we feel we have lost our way, or perhaps lost ourselves along the way.

The age-old adage that, ”two heads are better than one”, to some extent sums up my experience of how counselling and psychotherapy work. For my part, I offer my professional skills and experience to create a safe and supportive environment within which to seek and explore solutions to whatever is causing you dissatisfaction or distress. 

It has been my experience that clients, individuals or couples, use the space to navigate a path through the stuff-of-life, and often  go on to re-discover their individuality and their purpose, fulfil their potential and find satisfaction in their relationships.

I appreciate the significant financial cost of therapy and I am always mindful to ensure the most effective use of your time and money and meet your therapeutic needs and objectives.

The story of our lives is written in the moment.

Our future is ours to create.