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What's it all about?

It seems there are times in all our lives, when we feel that we have lost our way, feel stuck, and frustrated with our day to day existence. We may even find it challenging to imagine a future where things could actually be different: challenging to imagine a life where we would experience a sense of contentment and satisfaction, whether in our relationships or our work.

Undoubtedly the Covid 19 Pandemic has had  a profound impact on us all living as we do in times of fear and uncertainty, even as life appears to be returning to “normal”. However, we have the potential to acknowledge our experiences and discover the capacity to reflect on our lives and make changes for the good.


I am committed to create a safe and supportive environment within which we work together,  to seek and find solutions to whatever is causing your dissatisfaction and distress and imagine a route to a more fulfilled and contented existence.


To welcome without judgement your thoughts and feelings and with a compassionate curiosity, question beliefs that we may hold about ourselves and have come to accept as written in stone. 


To question beliefs about what we can expect from our relationships, whether those we love or those we work alongside. 


To challenge the belief that how you feel right now is the best it’s ever going to get. 


In my experience of working with clients for over 10 years, both individuals and couples, I have witnessed them successfully navigate a path through the stuff-of-life, and often go on to discover anew, their individuality and purpose, fulfil their potential and find deeper satisfaction in their relationships.


The story of our lives is not written in stone, we have the capacity to carve anew, moment by moment and with every breath we take.

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