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When somebody, that didn’t really know me, asked if I was ok I knew that it was time to accept that it would be good to seek some professional help. Working with Tom, in a space of trust and understanding, I was able to untangle issues that I had been unable to do on my own. It has been a transformative and ultimately life changing experience.


Tom provided a professional, safe and supportive space where together we could explore and challenge limiting beliefs. We went on to develop a route to an optimistic future.


Five years ago I became a carer for my mother in law as she suffered increasing dementia problems and this caused me problems of anger management for which I first sought help from Tom Lockyer. His intelligent and sensitive guidance of our conversations led me to see broader underlying problems in my behaviour and attitudes and his pragmatic approach gave me increasing confidence in working with him to resolve problems deriving from my childhood and upbringing which continue to affect my relationships as an adult – greater understanding of my parents and how my family background carried problems for all of us. From my initial feelings of scepticism about the value of psychotherapy, Tom led me to feel able to overcome serious problems of depression and anxiety and to a greater understanding of how my personality works – or doesn’t. It’s a very personal thing and hard to describe but however it’s happened I’m really grateful to Tom for enabling me to feel more confident and secure in my relationships – to feel more effective as a person relating to other family members and also acting more positively as I encounter new relationships.


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