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Relationships are the foundation on which we build our lives. In having someone alongside us in whom we can trust and depend, whether in a marriage or not, allows us to create an environment in which we can grow and thrive.


Sadly there are times in our relationships when we find ourselves in pain, feeling hurt, rejected or even abandoned by those we hold dearest. We may struggle to understand our partners behaviour and indeed struggle to understand our own. Left unattended, the relationship can slip through our fingers until a point is reached where we feel as if a chasm has opened up and there is no hope of bridging it.


The relationship counselling that I offer acts a bridge across such a chasm: a safe and mutually respectful environment for both parties to discuss and make sense of thoughts and feelings. A space for both to voice fears, doubts and frustrations, to have them heard and to explore ways to move forward.


In the eventuality that the differences between the parties become irreconcilable, then I offer the space to make the process of separation as respectful and dignified as possible, for the benefit of both the individuals themselves, and any children that may be involved.

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